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We are a company dedicated to improve the sport experience of the athletes, coaches and fans by offering the easiest online season management.

We do so in two ways, first, showing online the games score box, season standings and players-teams stats, just like the major leagues do. There is no doubt that following the tracks your favorite team and players is one of the funniest and most interesting part of sports. Also this information has an incalculable value for the players and coaches to prepare them for the next opponent.

Second, to be able to show these stats we must collect them. Everybody know this is a hard process, since on any sport there are a lot of statistics to track. We have work hard to make this process as easy as possible and every day we try to improve it.

This is how we made the season management easier:

  • Work Sharing - This feature allows you to create editors to share the task of filling the stats. It is recommended that each team will have its own editor.
  • Automatic Schedule Generator - Just enter the number of games each team play against each other, the days the games take place and the time and an automatic schedule will be generate for you, afterwards you can make modifications to fulfill your needs.
  • Fill the game stats on Excel – Download the game Excel sheet and fill it while on the game or at any other time. When it is ready, just upload it, and all the stats will be automatically updated.
  • Reuse players – At least 50% of the last season players will play this season, so in our system you don’t have to recreate them just reuse them.

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